HPSI manufactures a complete line of silicone couplers. These are ideal for turbocharged or supercharged vehicles requiring couplers that can handle high boost and high temperatures. Our reinforced couplers, elbows, and large diameter straight pieces are the highest quality silicone products available. Our silicone is 100% silicone with dense fiberglass matting reinforcement, which provides high tensile strength and temperature limits (-65F-600F). We stock all sizes listed in our tables.  



-Straight Couplers and Reducers

-90 Degree Elbows and Elbow Reducers

-45 Degree Elbows and Elbow Reducers

-Humped Couplers and Reducers

-Wire Banded or Flexi Couplers


HPSI also designs custom shapes and sizes for almost any application. Contact us if you're unable to find a size or shape to suit your application.