Datalogging for the Fiat 500L and Dodge Dart 2.4

Today on the HPSI proving roads, we did quite a bit of datalogging on our new Dodge Dart 2.4 and the Fiat 500L.

We re-tested a newly released air intake system for the 500L. The end goal was to measure how effective ram air reaches certain instances in the intake tract.

Also, as we develop a new intake system for the Dodge Dart 2.4, we're measuring air pressure and temps in various filter locations on the vehicle to better understand the air flow benefits that can be obtained on the dart. Expect to see in the near future these pressure numbers released, showing the most effective filter locations. With this information, expect the HPSI intakes for the Darts to be some of the best flowing on the market.

Video Blurb:

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