Here at HPSI,  we have been selling vehicle specific silicone vacuum hose kits since 1999. I am pretty sure that's almost longer than anyone else.


Compared to the other hose companies, we are not the 800 pound Gorilla. We don’t have ads in every enthusiast magazine. We don’t sponsor drift events. We don’t try to get our stickers on every car featured in a Magazine. The 800 pound Gorilla has a a huge advertising budget and a large product line, but our kits are better, and usually at about the same or slightly lower price.


We focus on making the best silicone hose kits and intakes on the market.  Once a year we buy hose from every vendor we can find and we test all the hoses to destruction. When considering temperature range, ability to handle pressure and vacuum, bend radius, appearance and other factors, we think our hoses are the best. Notice that due to our vacuum hose's superior wall strength and sizing in most cases they do not require clamps, not even on the pressure side of a forced induction car.   This keeps the installation neat and makes servicing easier. The Gorilla's vacuum hoses need plastic zip ties to stay on.


We sell hoses on our web site, through various distributors and on ebay. Chances are that if you see superb, high quality silicone products at a retailers shop or store, we manufacture it. 


Our return/exchange policy is the best in the business.  All our silicone has a limited lifetime warranty, and will last the life of your car.  OUR GUARANTEE: If any of our silicone hose fails for any reason, we will replace it at no charge to you. 


We appreciate your business, and please let us know if there's anyway we can help you.


- Greg Gordon, Owner, HPSI MOTORSPORTS

Our handmade silicone hoses are constructed from one of the toughest polymers available, making them ideal for the high performance environment. All our hoses handle extremes of temperature (from -60°C to +220°C) and have superb resistance to UV, water, ozone and oxygen.


HPSI uses specially formulated compounds to ensure excellent tensile strength and resistance to compression set.


In addition, we reinforce our hoses with Polyester or Nomex, enabling our products to handle far higher pressures than standard black rubber hoses.

Our range of hoses is so comprehensive our customers are able to plumb in any configuration. In addition to our huge selection of silicone vacuum hoses and couplers, we also supply custom air intake/induction molds, coolant and radiator silicone molds, carbon fiber intakes, tubing, and stainless steel guarded/T-bolt clamps. 


Not suitable for hot oil or fuel under pressure.

Silicone hose
Silicone hose comparison

We use only 100% pure silicone hose, not silicone hose made with cheap filler like sand or other materials. Our hoses are designed with thick walls and will not collapse under vacuum when hot. These hoses are sized correctly, they grip the car's fittings very well, in most cases do not need clamps, and will seal air tight without clamps even under turbo and or supercharger boost. We do suggest clamps for the power brake booster hose but that's the only place we use them. All our hoses will make very tight bends without collapsing internally. The smallest size can make a 180 degree turn inside a one inch circle. This makes it very easy to duplicate the factory's routings. All our silicone comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

 Hose Comparison 

  Our hoses are pictured on the left (blue) our competitors hoses in the same I.D. are pictured on the right (red).  

-Our silicone hose holding 50 psi of boost with no clamps 

- OEM hose and competitors hose not able to hold boost

- Comparison testing of our silicone hose vs. competitors hose at high temperatures