Question 1: Why are the hose kits so expensive?

Answer 1:  I use the highest quality silicone hose on the market. I tested every type I could and some failed my tests miserably. I found that many would collapse under vacuum. Some would deform when hot. Some would collapse under vacuum only when hot. Imagine trying to diagnose that fault. You would not see it because this hose returns to its normal shape when you open the hood! Others could not make sharp enough turns without collapsing internally. The hose I use is truly the best, but it's also the most expensive. The different sizes of hose I use in this kit have a retail cost of $3.50 to $7.00 a foot! Most of the kits have at least 30 feet of hose in them so the cost adds up pretty fast.


Question 2. My local auto part store has universal silicone hose kits for $XX.99 can't I just buy it from them and cut it myself?

Answer 2. There are a few problems with that. What they mean by a "universal kit" is it will replace some of the hoses on most newer Hondas and Neons. It will take about 3 or 4 of those kits to replace all the hoses on the cars we deal with because they never have enough of the largest size of hose. Another problem is most of the universal kits don't even have a size large enough for the larger connections in the engine bay. Of course the biggest problems is quality. See answer1 for a list of quality problems.


Question 3. Can I buy new conventional hoses, I don't really need silicone do I?

Answer 3. Sort of. The local autoparts store will not have conventional vacuum hoses in metric sizes. You can't use one size too small because conventional vacuum hoses won't stretch over the fittings. If you use a size too big it won't seal properly. You can use hoses that are slightly too small and ream them out but it will take a lot of time and they won't seal perfectly. You will save a little money in the short run but it's not worth it. Our hoses will save you time and money in the long run.


Question 4. Are the hoses individually cut?

Answer 4. Due to market (U.S., European, Asian, Grey Market etc.) and model year variations we can't provide a pre cut kit for all the cars we deal with. However we do include a hose  and plenty of length to make the job easier. We do stock pre-cut kits for certain vehicles, and over 50% of our vehicle offerings are pre-cut kits.


Question 5. What colors of hose kits are available?

Answer 5: In order of popularity we have Red, Black, Blue, Silver/Grey, Yellow.  Purple, and Green are available in limited quantities.


Question 6. Will your hose kit improve my car's performance.

Answer 6.  If your OEM hoses are perfect and have no leaks then you won't notice any change. However these cars are pretty old now and most of them have an air leak in the hoses somewhere, and fixing the leak will help performance.


Question 7. What about maintenance and reliability?

Answer 7. These hoses will improve reliability dramatically because they will never develop a leak. Perhaps even better, when another injection component develops a fault it will be easier to diagnose since you won't have to spend a lot of time searching for a leaking hose first. This alone will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.


Question 8. How do I clean the hoses?

Answer 8. Dish soap and water works really well. I keep a small spray bottle with a dish soap and water solution in my shop. Spray them, wipe them off and they will look like new for years and years. If the hoses are really dirty, paint thinner and a rag will make them look just like new.