Since 1982, we've specialized in automotive performance parts, tuning, and manuacturing for daily and motorsport use. Our facilty in Oklahoma offers exclusive services, manufacturing, research, and design. 


In 2015, a new chapter was opened as we combined forces with a longtime collaborator, partner, and friend.  All of our tuning and performance part products are now offered exclusiely as Eurocompulsion LLC (www.eurocompulsion.net), sharing one company and one goal. HPSI continues to offer our signature vehicle specific silicone hose kits and other assorted silicone products.

Performance Parts and Silicone Hose

HPSI Motorsports is an industry leading manufacturer specializing in the design of silicone hose kits for automotive and performance application.  We research, design, and manufacture 100% silicone hose kits for all Vacuum, Coolant, Heater, Plenum, Inter-cooler, Turbo, and Supercharger Applications. Our product line spans from vehicle specific kits, air intake systems, and ECU Tuning to silicone couplers, clamps, upgraded injectors and more.  We offer a wide array of services including installation, tuning, as well as design, manufacturing and supplier resources to major retailers and aftermarket companies. We give you everything you need to succeed on the street and at the track. 


Within our walls, we have three generations and over 50 years of enthusiast design and  part development experience. In our small family business, we've been heavily involved in the automotive aftermarket for years, starting with generations before.  We love our cars, and we know you do too. Inspiring and satisfying the aspirations of our owners and enthusiasts is our number one priority.